F.A.Q.-Cincinnati Funeral

Cincinnati Funeral

Who can see it?

Memorialstream.com is live-streamed in HD quality to any internet connection (speed may vary).

It can be viewed on computers, smartphones and tablets (Ipads). Public or password protected. We even provided the WIFI signal.

Who will be there?

A  professional two person on-site staff is included. Dressed appropriately and in the background.

What if my family/friends misses the Live broadcast?

All sevices are archived on MemorialStream.com for on-demand viewing for up to 6 months.

(viewers must have a password)

What about after 6 months?

A recorded DVD is ready and given to the funeral home or family immediately after the service.

Can people leave messages?

Yes, during the LIVE broadcast and up to 30 days. Each service receives a custom web page with guest book for written condolences.

What do I need to do?

Contact us or have your funeral home, nursing home or hospice contact us. We take care of everything from there.